Development of PLC Controlled Motorized Tuning System for 3 MW Tunable Pulse Magnetron


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Kanagarj, N and Verma, RK and Maurya, S and Chaudhary, P (2018) Development of PLC Controlled Motorized Tuning System for 3 MW Tunable Pulse Magnetron. In: National Symposium on Vacuum Electronic Devices and Applications (VEDA-2018), November 22-24, 2018, IIT Guwahati, Assam, India.

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This paper presents precise frequency tuning of a 3.0 MW S-band (2.856 GHz) pulse magnetron using the developed PLC controlled motorized frequency tuning circuit. Any vacuum electronic device poses risks of harmful radiation emission (like X-rays) while in operation, and magnetron is also not an exception. Hence the dynamic tuning of such magnetrons has to be clone remotely. The manuscript highlights the design and development of a remote tuning system using PLC control circuit and feedback network. Total Tuning of 12 MHz has been obtained with 2.5 MHz per turns by the developed tuning system during magnetron operation. In addition 0.5V set potentiometer value equivalents to 1 MHz frequency tuning. The tuning mechanism has been implemented by sets of pullet connected via belts and DC motors, a driver circuit 12V DC power circuit and a PLC controller. The reference potentiometer is used to set the analog input voltage (corresponding to specific tuner position) to the PLC, the PLC controller then execute the program and sets the digital output by comparing the reference value and the tuner feedback value. This in turn makes the tuner move to a specific direction (forward or reverse) and thereby controlling the magnetron frequency within its tuning range[1].

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