Cold Test Analysis of W-band Planar Interaction Structure Developed Using Micro Fabrication Techniques


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Jain, S and Gurjar, N and Singhal, K and Dwivedi, V and Kumar, N and Starodubov, AV and Ryskin, NM (2020) Cold Test Analysis of W-band Planar Interaction Structure Developed Using Micro Fabrication Techniques. In: 47th IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS-2020), December 6-10, 2020, Singapore.

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Vacuum integrated technology has been a favourable choice for the generation of high frequency, high power radiation source because of their ability to handle high power in a compact size. W band (75 GHz-110 GHz) is considerably a high frequency band and with the increase in the frequency, the wavelength decreases which provides a limitation in developing structures with the desired machining tolerances and surface finish [1-3]. Machining tolerances and surface roughness are the important parameters for the propagation of RF signal and can considerably effect the characteristics performance of the vacuum tube [3-4]. In this paper a beam wave interaction structure for W-Band frequency has been fabricated in two halves by wire EDM micro fabrication technique and then both the parts were integrated to form a staggered double vane structure. An extensive study of SEM results of the fabricated structure accounts for the dimensional deviation of 10 microns. The interaction structure has a tapered region to ensure low impedance mismatch and better coupling with the WR-10 waveguide ports of VNA. Consequently, the fabricated structure was used to perform the cold test analysis. A waveguide casing was fabricated in accordance with dimensions of WR-10 waveguide for cold test analysis. The interaction structure was assembled inside the casing and connected with the VNA ports. The cold test analysis parameters like S1] and S12 are estimated to be less than -20 dB and near to 0 dB respectively.

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