Flexible Resistive Strain Sensors for Application in Wearable Electronics


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Ansari, ZA and Baloda, S and Powar, S and Islam, SM and Singh, S (2020) Flexible Resistive Strain Sensors for Application in Wearable Electronics. In: A Two-day Conference on Flexible Electronics for Electric Vehicles (FlexEV-2020), March 5-6, 2020, Manipal University Jaipur, Rajathan, India.

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We report flexible piezoresistive strain sensors containing two different layers of materials, viz. graphene and graphite, fabricated using a simple solution processing method on flexible polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) substrates. In-house synthesized graphene and graphite-PDMS nanocomposites are used as active layers into the devices. The microstructure of graphene and graphite-PDMS composites are observed from the scanning electron microscope (SEM) images. Small flakes having a thickness of 10-30 nm are clearly seen from the SEM images. Raman spectroscopy is undertaken to study the fundamental physical properties of graphene and graphite-PDMS nanocomposite. The D, G and 2D bands in the spectra of graphene are located at 1340, 1577 and 2690 cm-1, respectively. The G peak, characteristic main peak of graphene, is raised due to the in-plane vibration of sp2 hybridized carbon atoms. The 2D peak, two-phonon Raman peak determines the stacks of carbon atoms present in graphene samples. The D peak is attributed to the existence of defects in graphene. The electrical characteristics have been studied in PDMS based flexible devices having two different kind of structures such as Ag/graphene/PDMS and Ag/graphite-PDMS. The gauge factor and sensitivity for the devices containing graphene are determined to be 6.260 and 2.155, whereas those values are found to be 0.906 and 0.051 for graphite-PDMS nanocomposite-based devices, respectively. Graphene based flexible devices are observed to be superior than its graphite-PDMS nanocomposite counterparts. Thus, simple structure, ease of device processing, affordable, portable and accessible along with reasonably good sensitivity; it has great potential for the manufacturing of wearable sensors.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Flexible, Piezoresistive, Strain, Graphene, Wearable sensors.
Subjects: Semiconductor Devices > Sensors and Nanotechnology
Divisions: Semiconductor Devices
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Date Deposited: 10 Sep 2021 11:27
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