Physical and Engineering characteristics of Red Kidney Beans Phaseolus vulgaris


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Gautama, C and Masiul Islam, SK and Sadistap, SS and Bose, SC and Sarma, U (2018) Physical and Engineering characteristics of Red Kidney Beans Phaseolus vulgaris. In: International Conference on Recent Advances in food Processing Technology, August 16-18, 2018, Thanjavur. (Submitted)

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In trod uc tio n: Red kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) is one of the important tropical grain leg umes that can be us e d as an edible cereal-based diet in many cultures worldwide. It is an excellent source of vegetable prote ins , carbohydrates, dietary fibre, vitamins, natural antio xidant s and m i ne ral s . However , beans contain several toxic and anti-nutritional sub sta n ces wh ic h must be destroyed by opti m i ze d processing before use. Moreover, it is pertinent to study the physi cal properties such as si ze, shapes, poros ity, volume, density, and coefficient of friction of beans to design a su itable system for harvesting, transporting, cleaning, separating, packing, storing , process i ng , etc. Furthermore, structural loads are cause d by bulk dens ity and porosity. Keeping in view of the above perspectives, in thi s paper, we, thus, report the physical and engineering propert ie s of red kidney bean s (variety: VL Rajma 63), which is not well stud ie d. Method s: Moisture content was determined us ing m ic rowave method and AOAC (1960) standards. Mass of the samples was measured by digital analytical balance. Physical dimensions (length. width and th ic kne ss) of the beans were mea su red us i ng a Digital Vernier Cali per. Surface area, sp her ici ty. roundne ss, volume, bulk density, true density and porosity of the samp l es were also determined in this study. Capacitance and dielectric lo ses were stud ie d at different frequencies us i ng Ag il e nt E4980A Precision LCR meter and Keithley 4200 parameter analyzer. Resu lts: The average le ng th, width, thic kne ss, arithmetic mean s dia meter , geo metr ic mea n diameter, sq. mean are found to be in the range of 4.37-8.57 mm, 2.84-4.18 mm, 2.00-3.43 mm, 3.07-5.39 mm, 2.91- 4.97 mm and 2.07 -2.98 mm , respectively. It is observed that roundness, bulk density, true density. porosi ty and specificity vary significantly in the range of 0.078-0. 116 , 0.564-0.572 gm/cm 3, 2.14- 2.80 gm/ cm 3, 73.45-79.80 % and 58.01-66.75 %. Disc us s ion: In this work, physical and eng i nee ri ng properties of microwave heated red k idne y beans are studied. The dielectric properties of the beans are analyzed at different frequencies. Dielectric consta nt and loss factor are found to increase with mo is ture content. Sig n ificant correlation is observed between dielectric constant and bulk density. Dielectric constant of the beans exhibits positive regre ss io n which is linear in nature. Henc e, the microwave treatment affects the mo is true content of the red kidney beans. Thus, phys ic a l and engineering propert ie s of the red kidne y beans changes profoundly.

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