Design of a 0.22-THz 100W Microfabricated Planar Travelling-Wave Tube


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Srivastava, Vishnu (2019) Design of a 0.22-THz 100W Microfabricated Planar Travelling-Wave Tube. In: IEEE A. E. M. C. 2017, December 19-22, 2017, MIT (T) , Aurangadad - 431001. (Submitted)

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A bs/rac/—In-house developed analytical design tools were used to design a vacuum micro fabricated planar TWT with rectangular sheet beam of centre frequency 0.22-THz, output power 100W, gain 30d B, and bandwidth more than 20GHz Staggered double- vane loaded rectangular waveguide slow-wave structure was used in planar TWT which was designed with cold bandwidth more than 50GHz from 195GHz to 245GHz for its operation with sheet electron beam of voltage 20kV and current 50mA. The structure was matched at the in put a nd the output ends with the WR-3 waveguide (432pm x 864pm). Large-signal analysis code (SU NRAY-THz) was used for design of a complete SWS with in put/output couplers, sever in-between circuit, and velocity taper. Very good agreements were achieved for the output power and the gain of a 0.22-THz TWT over the operating band between SUNRAY code with 3D e.m. field simulator (CST-PS).

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Keywords- rH r wT; THz impli, ter; THz oscillator, Vacuum Microelectronic Devices
Subjects: Microwave Tubes > Travelling Wave Tubes
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